Double Master IV


Colombo Double Master IV has better capacity and power than Colombo Double Master II. The way of working is the same. Possesses a pick-up unit with flexible fingers, supported by guide wheels that follow the soil irregularities.

The axial threshing system possesses threshing intensity and time regulation.

Cleaning system comprised of vibrating sieves and turbines that work by suction, providing excellent quality in the grains collected.

Transportation to the grain tank is performed by buckets and discharging is performed through tilting. Prevents the grains from becoming dirty or from suffering mechanical damage.


Power required 110-140 hp
Four hydraulic connections required
Intake width: 1,845 mm
Collecting fingers: 138


Weight 5246 kg
Width 3250 mm
Lenght 7523 mm
Height 4067 mm
Unloading height 3649

Clening system

Cleaning area of the principal screen 2.98 m2
Adjustable air flow
Turbine diameter 700mm
Hopper capacity beans aprox. 3.000kg

Trashing system

Thresher concave diameter 600 mm
Thresher cylinder length 3796 mm
PTO shaft rotation PTO 540obr/min

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Double Master II

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