Pulses in bags

Bean sizes given are indicative and may vary from season to season.

Packed in 25 kg, 50 kg or 1000 kg bags (big bag).

Medium White Beans

85-140 pcs/100g

A variety that is high in nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium and potassium. Medium White Beans - polish name "Piękny Jaś Karłowy" is an ideal meat substitute in a vegetarian diet, it has a very high content of easily digestible, wholesome protein, which is an essential building block of the human body. Due to the content of B vitamins, its consumption has a good effect on the hair and nails. Digestible dietary fiber also helps to cleanse the body of harmful cholesterol. Due to the previously mentioned sympathy on the part of vegetarians, the beans can also be used as sandwich spreads or vegetarian cutlets.

Large White Beans

35-55 pcs/100 g

The Large White Beans, polish name "Piękny Jaś Tyczny" are the queen of Polish beans. Its characteristic feature is a sweet taste and a buttery texture. Like other species of beans, it is characterized by a high content of fiber, but also of wholesome protein, the amount of which is higher than in meat, which makes it very popular in vegetarian cuisine. The most popular dish for which a given variety of beans is used is "baked beans", but also all kinds of soups and casseroles.

Igolomska White Kidney Beans

280-320 pcs/100 g

Igołomska beans are one of the most popular varieties of beans found in Poland. Its grains are small, but very rich in protein (over 20% of wholesome protein).
It is suitable for direct consumption, in boiled and baked dishes, but also as a preparation or in a preserved form. It does not lose its natural color under the influence of preservation, retains its taste and aroma. It contains many nutritional values needed for the proper functioning of the body. It helps to fight cholesterol and removes too much acids accumulated in the body.

Dark Red Kidney Beans

190-210 pcs/100 g

Due to their specific shape, red beans are also referred to as "kidney".
It is a variety used in slimming diets. Like other types of pulses, it has a lot of fiber to help fight cholesterol and also has a preventive effect on too rapid increase in blood sugar levels after eating a meal.
It contains a large amount of almost fat-free protein, provides a lot of easily digestible minerals. Red beans are used in practically every type of dish. Used in soups, salads, main courses, but also in cakes and numerous preserves, e.g. in sandwich spreads.

Large Black Speckled Beans

45-55 pcs/100 g

Large Black Speckled Beans is a variety that attracts attention mainly due to its unusual appearance, interesting color composition created by black spots on pinkish grain. It is also distinguished by its specific nutty aftertaste, thanks to which it is eagerly used for light salads, but also soups or one-pot dishes. Like other legumes, it is low in all kinds of fats, but is very rich in nutritional values, protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins.


Chickpeas is a plant of the legume family. It has a slightly nutty aftertaste, which may suggest a nut-shaped appearance. It has many nutritional values, such as vitamins B6 and B9, and it also contains large amounts of iron, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium. The high content of zinc and vitamin B6 affects the condition of the skin and hair, and unsaturated acids help in the fight against unfavorable cholesterol, causing e.g. atherosclerosis. Like beans, chickpeas are appreciated by vegetarians. A popular dish is the so-called "Cholay", or chickpeas in curry, but also chickpea soup or hummus.

Green lentils

A very popular vegetable in dietary cuisine. Green lentils are rich in carbohydrates, both simple and complex. It also has a large amount of fiber, which helps regulate blood glucose, improves heart function and helps to get rid of excess cholesterol, protects against type 2 diabetes and protects against colon cancer. Not only that, it removes many harmful toxins from the body. Green lentils are also a great source of protein, which is an essential building material for the human body. In addition, it has a lot of iron in its content, which makes it popular among vegetarians as a meat substitute.
In the kitchen, green lentils are used in soups, salads, but also can be used to prepare pastes, purees and cutlets.

Red lentils

Red Lentils due to the high magnesium content, prevents muscle cramps and helps in the fight against stress. Like other varieties, red lentils are rich in essential nutrients, fiber, protein, B vitamins and all minerals. Due to the relatively low amount of sodium and high potassium content, it reduces the risk of stroke and heart disease, and also lowers the level of undesirable cholesterol in the blood. Due to the folic acid contained in this plant, it is recommended for pregnant women. It is worth noting that it also contains tannins, i.e. compounds responsible for slowing down the division of cancer cells, therefore lentils are classified as a plant that reduces the risk of all types of cancer. In the kitchen, red lentils are used to make pastes, but also ideally suited as a cooked addition to fish or meat, also works well as a component of salads and soups.

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