IN BAGS a 25 kgs, 50 kgs
or BIG BAGS a 1000 kgs

Medium White Beans

85-140 pcs/100g

Large White Beans

35-55 pcs/100 g

Igolomska White Kidney Beans

280-320 pcs/100 g

Dark Red Kidney Beans

190-210 pcs/100 g

Colour beans Malinka

210-260 pcs/100 g

Colour beans Orzelek

190-210 pcs/100 g

Large Black Speckled Beans

45-55 pcs/100 g


Green lentils

Red lentils

The beans sizes are approximate. In every season, available bean sizes may be different.
Some beans types can be calibrated to different sizes according to customer needs.

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