who we are?

Vitalpol offers the whole range of beans cultivated in Poland. We possesses a modern technical base and well-qualified and experienced staff, which is a warranty of the highest quality of our products.
We work with optical sortex machine and can supply the best quality pulses for every client.

Vitalpol is the greatest national supplier of high quality beans for, among others,
H.J. Heinz Co. Poland. Vitalpol is not a commercial agent – Vitalpol is a producer.

Pulses are healthy foods
throughout the year!

Our Offer

Leguminous vegetables

Other vegetables from our farm

Machine colombo

Possesses a pick-up unit with flexible fingers, supported by guide wheels that follow the soil irregularities.

The axial threshing system possesses threshing intensity and time regulation.

leaning system comprised of vibrating sieves and turbines that work by suction, providing excellent quality in the grains collected.

Transportation to the grain tank is performed by buckets and discharging is performed through tilting. Prevents the grains from becoming dirty or from suffering mechanical damage.



Świniary 46 A, 28-131 Solec Zdrój (świętokrzyskie)

(+48) 41 377 62 82

(+48) 41 377 62 81

(+48) 41 377 62 54



Targowa 19, 22-530 Mircze (lubelskie)

(+48) 509 316 188


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